The Joy of Soul Food Blog by Pamela Holmes

The Joy of Soul Food Blog by Pamela Holmes

Soul food memories and the recipes that come along with them.

Peanut Butter and Jelly on Hot Wheat Toast

I never remember a time when I didn't cook. At 5 years old, I walked home from kindergarten by myself, let myself into my suburban home, where I stayed by myself until my older brothers and sisters got out of school at 3 PM. Kindergarten in those days were half days and I went in the mornings.

From 12-3, I would draw, watch TV, read and yes, sometimes cook. No, I couldn't use the stove. I wasn't tall enough. But, I would create the most amazing sandwiches. My all time favorite then and now is peanut butter and jelly on toasted wheat bread. I called this the Pam Sandwich. Not very creative, I know. But I was five and no one in the house was making this one so when I said, Pam Sandwich, everyone knew what I was talking about.

I was allowed to use the toaster and I would put two slices in and watch until they popped up. Then as quickly as I could, my little fingers would slather on creamy peanut butter. I had to be quick and the peanut butter had to be creamy. I wanted it to melt over the edges of the bread. As the peanut butter melted, I would add the jelly. Always grape and never so much that it would plop out onto the table or me. After I carefully assembled the sandwich to beat all sandwiches. I would use the butter knife (the only kind I was allowed to use) and slice the sandwich into triangles the way I saw the mommy's do it on TV.

And then, I would eat. To this day, it doesn't get much better than the "Pam Sandwich" and a tall glass of milk.

At 9, I cooked my first Thanksgiving meal, turkey and all. Cooking was never really a chore to me. It is as much a creative art form as painting, drawing or singing,which I also enjoy. Soul food is art and baking is science. I love them both.

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