The Joy of Soul Food Blog by Pamela Holmes

The Joy of Soul Food Blog by Pamela Holmes

Soul food memories and the recipes that come along with them.

The Joy of Soul Food Volume 1: The Basics Now at

Friday, June 10, 2011

For more of the great recipes you love, please buy the cookbook, Soul Food, Volume 1: The Basics  by Pamela M Holmes at  In paperback and on Kindle.


My new book, The Joy of Soul Food is now available at!  Please visit the site above to purchase your copy.  God is so good!  This book includes all the basic recipes of soul food.  Most can be prepared in 10 steps are less. The recipes provide all the flavor but with a healthy twist.  So, now you can host the next Sunday Dinner. Noone has to know where you got your skills. 

By the way, the videos for many of the favorite recipes are still available on YouTube!  Bon Appetite!


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